Rainman Watermaker Spares Parts and Consumables

Your new Rainman system will arrive with enough spares and consumables to keep you going for a while, so most customers do not need to order more with initial purchase. There are a variety of items you will need over time to keep your system running for many years.


Your new Rainman watermaker comes with 5 prefilters (one fitted and four spares). Depending on the source water, each filter should last between 5 and 50+ hours. They are non-proprietary and readily available around the world.

Pickle Solution Mix

Your new Rainman watermaker comes with a 1 kg (2.2 lb) tub of food grade sodium metabisulfate.  You only use 3 tablespoons when you store the system for extended periods, so this tub should last quite a long time.  We normally do not recommend extra pickle solution mix at the time of purchase.


The impeller requires changing every year or two.  We use standard sized impellers that can be sourced from Jabsco, Johnson, Oberdorfer, etc. They are inexpensive and small, so it may be worth keeping a spare on hand.

Petrol (Gasoline) Drive Belt

If you have this system, there is a drive belt that should last for many years. Although it is generally unnecessary, some customers prefer to keep a spare. The electric watermakers do not use a drive belt.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes

When properly taken care of, your RO membranes should last between 5 and 10 years. We do not recommend customers carry spares. Rainman utilises DuPont Filmtec membranes, which we believe are the best in the world. They are non-proprietary sized and readily available. The TDS (total dissolved solids) readings of your product water will increase over the years, so most people look to change membranes when it climbs near 800 ppm (parts per million) of TDS.

High Pressure Pump Oil 

The high pressure pump requires periodic oil change, maybe once per year. 300 ml (10 oz) of standard SAE-30 oil is sufficient for a change. Due to shipping issues with oil, Rainman does not normally sell it.

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